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UPECC is a collaborative made up of Early Childhood Educators and Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh.

The University of Pittsburgh offers various programs for new and prospective students.

Programs of Study
The following are various Programs of Study on the Undergraduate and Graduate level.


The Applied Developmental Psychology Traditional program prepares students to recognize how the development, evaluation and implementation of programs correspond with the progression of children, youth, and their families. Seniors and graduate students complete a full-year internship. Students may work on their B.S., Masters, or Ph.D. in ADP.

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Early Childhood M.Ed.

The Early Childhood Education M.Ed. program provides an opportunity for advanced study for those who wish to work with young children, birth through the primary grades) and their families in varied settings.  This program is a non-certificate program designed for those who already hold teaching certification or for those who do not need certification to meet their professional goals.

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Early Intervention

The Early Intervention M.Ed. Program prepares professionals to work with young children with disabilities and their families, birth through age 5. An Autism Specialization is also offered as part of the Early Intervention program.

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Elementary M.Ed.

The Elementary Education M.Ed. program is designed to help certified elementary school teachers expand on their professional knowledge and practice, with a focus on grades PreK-4.  This online program is flexible and allows working teachers to complete the program either part-time or full-time.

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The following are various Teacher Certifications that can be given by the University of Pittsburgh.

ADP-CASE Early Childhood and Special Education Teacher Certification

The Combined Accelerated Studies in Education (CASE) program prepares students for certification in PK-4 Early Childhood and PK-8 Special Ed. Students finish with a B.S. in Applied Developmental Psychology and M.Ed. in Instruction and Learning.

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Autism Certificate Teaching Endorsement in ASD

The Autism Certificate is a 15-credit program that enriches the knowledge/skills of professionals in the area of autism. For those with a PA teaching certificate, the program fulfills the requirements for the PA Autism Spectrum Disorders Endorsement.

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Primary Plus Early Childhood Teacher Certification

The Primary Plus program is a PreK-4 teacher certification program that prepares students to teach young children and to work collaboratively with parents and other professionals. Students will develop skills for employment in public and private elementary schools and early childhood centers. Through coursework and field experiences, students will acquire an integrated understanding of academic content and child development in diverse, inclusive settings. No part-time option is available.

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Additional Teacher Certification Opportunities

In addition to the Early Childhood and Early Intervention programs the University of Pittsburgh offers teacher certification in Special Education PK-8, Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments birth to 21 and Reading Specialist K-12.

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Early Childhood Community
At The University of Pittsburgh's School of Education, a focus on Early Childhood is present in many of our Centers, Labs, and Schools.

Centers and Labs

Center for Urban Education

The Center for Urban Education at the University of Pittsburgh's vision is to be a space of learning from and with students, educators, families, and community members in urban environments to positively transform educational opportunities, access, practices, and policies through knowledge dissemination. 

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Health and Physical Activity Physical Activity & Weight Management Research Center

HPA offers academic, research, and service-learning opportunities focusing on physical activity (PA) promotion and disease prevention. Early Childhood initiatives include PITT’s KID’s program and research on Latino preschool PA.

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Office of Child Development

OCD is a university-community partnership dedicated to improving the lives of children, youth, and families. Through interdisciplinary collaborations across research, practice, and policy, we strive to turn knowledge into action and respond creatively and collaboratively to challenges facing children in Pittsburgh and around the world.

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The SEED Lab

The Supporting Early Education and Development (SEED) Lab includes students who focus their research on understanding the role of social-emotional learning (SEL) in early childhood education programs. Currently, the SEED Lab is conducting research on how child SEL intersects with their racial identity development, how teacher SEL can advance instruction, and how school-level SEL can build its’ capacity.

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Falk School

Founded in 1931 and affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh and its School of Education, Falk School is a Progressive laboratory school serving 420 students in grades K-8.  Falk faculty members train and mentor more than two dozen pre-service teachers on an annual basis in a community devoted to connecting theory and practice.  Falk works independently and with research scholars from Pitt and other universities to evaluate current practices and develop new approaches to teaching and learning.  

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University Child Development Center

The University Child Development Center exists to encourage and support each child to grow to his/her fullest potential in all areas of development, thus creating a positive self-concept and a realistic opportunity for success in life. Teachers work with children individually and in small and large groups, identifying their strengths while learning how to work together as a community. Pitt students often work, observe, and collaborate at UCDC throughout the year.

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